About Us

ZeetaPro Inc., as a SaaS solutions provider in its target markets, helps companies get better returns from their business resources by utilizing smarter online workflows and business processes. With a decade of expertise in content management, digital asset management, email marketing, event registrations, e-commerce, resource reservations and analytics, our portfolio of SaaS products is equipped to help customers achieve their desired level of performance with minimal resource commitments.

We know technology innovation has no destination. It is continuous. We understand that improvement in any solution has no end point. So we continue to strive harder every day to develop better products and listen carefully to our client base to incorporate their valuable feedback in becoming a better solution provider. 

Our portfolio consists of SaaS solutions in Reservations, Website Content Management and Website Analytics. We configure these solutions to match the needs of our clients and work relentlessly to ensure that they get optimal utilization of ZeetaPro products. We cater to non-profit organizations, small businesses to bigger enterprises that are utilizing SaaS to fuel their cost effective business growth. 

ZeetaPro Inc. was previously known as Creative Mileage Inc. a Company offering services to develop custom software applications to clients across many segments. Over the last few years, we strategically focused to build the Company around our proprietary SaaS technologies and rebranded the Company in 2019 as ZeetaPro Inc., a software company offering an expanding portfolio of SaaS applications.