About Us

ZeetaPro Inc., as a SaaS solutions provider, helps companies get better returns from business resources by utilizing smarter online workflows and processes. With more than a decade of experience in developing and managing software solutions in reservations, registrations, analytics, content management, digital asset management, email marketing and e-commerce, we offer a portfolio of SaaS solutions that enable customers achieve their desired level of performance with minimal resource commitments.
Technology innovation has no destination; it is continuous. Product improvement has no end point; it is continuous. So we continue to strive harder to develop new features that offer greater ease of use, higher utilization of resources and smarter ways to achieve results. We listen to our client base carefully to incorporate their valuable feedback in our products to offer better solutions.
In today’s competitive market, smarter workflows enabling higher utilization of resources fuel competitive advantage. Lower cost of business continues to enjoy its importance. Our SaaS solutions drive digital transformation initiatives to gain those advantages and our cloud applications and services represent a much needed paradigm in driving business efficiency, while lowering cost and overhead.

ZeetaPro Inc. was previously known as Creative Mileage Inc. a Company offering services to develop custom software applications for clients. Over the last few years, we strategically built our business in SaaS applications utilizing our expertise in a wide array of SaaS technologies and cloud resources, and rebranded the Company as ZeetaPro Inc., a SaaS solutions provider.