Our SaaS Applications

Facility Reservations
Equipment Reservations
Class Registrations
Membership Management
Web Analytics
Video Submission & Qual

Our Bottom Line

By making business processes streamlined, measurable and

scalable, we ensure that our clients meet their goals with higher

cost-efficiency and predictability.

Markets we Serve

We are continually expanding our market reach with our software solutions. Our portfolio of business applications cater to specific target market segments. We offer a multifaceted reservation platform for co-working centers, colleges, libraries, company offices and event centers. We offer an integrated operations management platform for Public Access Media Centers to manage membership, equipment rentals, class registrations, program submission, video upload etc. We offer website analytics designed for B2B companies to understand customer engagement with individual products and collect qualified business leads. As we expand our portfolio of applications, we will continue to reach many more market segments where our high-efficiency SaaS applications can make a noticeable difference in our clients' businesses.

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